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eMusic connects with Facebook

By | Published on Thursday 26 February 2009

eMusic have announced a tie-up with Facebook which will allow subscribers to the independent download service to share with their friends album ratings, personal reviews and artist links from their eMusic profile. There will also be an eMusic Daily Download widget which will offer a free download every day, and which people can post on their social network pages or blogs.

Announcing the new social networking add-ons, eMusic SVP Deirdre Stone told reporters: “Back in the day of the corner music store, word-of-mouth was one of the best ways to find out about new music. Facebook is the modern day equivalent and we want to empower the eMusic community to engage in this way”.

“eMusic has always offered a richer experience than mass market digital music retailers, and integrating Facebook Connect will make it an even better place for fans to share information about their favourite music”.