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European Parliament’s legal committee approves final copyright directive text

By | Published on Wednesday 27 February 2019

European Commission

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has voted through the final draft of the European Copyright Directive, with sixteen votes in favour and nine against. It seemed likely that the so called JURI committee would back the final draft of the long-time-in-development copyright reforms, with the still-to-come vote of the full Parliament the more tricky test. But nevertheless, it’s another hurdle crossed.

That directive, of course, includes the music industry backed safe harbour reforms and various new rights for artists and songwriters. The European Composer And Songwriter Alliance joined groups representing authors and film-makers yesterday in welcoming this latest development in the directive’s long journey to becoming law.

They said in a statement: “We warmly thank all the MEPs who supported the copyright directive and in particular those who fought hard to strengthen the authors’ bargaining power and improve their remuneration. Today’s vote sends a positive and historical signal to all citizens who want to write, compose, create and be fairly remunerated for their work. We now encourage all members of the European Parliament to formally adopt the copyright directive without further delay”.