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Eventbrite launches new music-centric ticketing service

By | Published on Friday 9 November 2018


Self-service ticketing platform Eventbrite has announced it is pushing even more into music by launching a new product specifically aimed at independent venues, promoters and festivals called – wait for it! – Eventbrite Music. It will initially be available in the US and Australia.

The new move follows Eventbrite’s past acquisitions of Ticketscript and Ticketfly, both of which boosted the ticketing firm’s music client base, in Europe and the US respectively. With those acquisitions in mind, the company says that Eventbrite Music “brings together the world-class expertise and functionality of multiple platforms”.

The launch of Eventbrite Music will also see the company ultimately phase out the Ticketfly brand. This was likely the plan all along – it did the same with Ticketscript – although, of course, the Ticketfly brand was on the receiving end of a bunch of band press earlier this year when it experienced a significant data hack that took the whole site offline for a time.

Ticketfly founder Andrew Dreskin is now President of Eventbrite’s music division, and he said of the music-skewed product: “The amount of thought and work we’ve put into addressing these needs has been a herculean effort”.

He went on: “I’ve been doing this a long time and I can say with conviction that Eventbrite Music is the best piece of ticketing software that I’ve ever worked on. We’re excited to put this solution into the hands of independent promoters around the world and help to continue to fuel a thriving independent music ecosystem”.