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Ex-Dream Theater man not happy about band’s continuation

By | Published on Tuesday 23 November 2010

Former Dream Theater drummer, and the band’s creative driving force, Mike Portnoy, has spoken about the band’s decision to continue without him after he left earlier this year.

Speaking to Classic Rock, Portnoy said: “After me giving my heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears to them and the band for 25 years, I hoped they’d value me and our relationship enough to respect my need for us to take a little break. I am truly heartbroken over their decision. I suppose it also kills me that in the past the guys NEVER would question or ever debate my direction within the band. They always let me call the shots and always trusted my vision and guidance. And NOW, with such a huge and personal conflict they disagreed with me for the first time… on the biggest decision of them all”.

He continued: “Dream Theater is my baby and I NEVER wanted to abandon my child. I only felt the parents needed a little breather to help save the marriage. The big irony here is that I wanted a break to help mend and strengthen our relations and ultimately bring us closer together… and now by them choosing to move on without me it is ultimately going to seriously damage our relationship…. as well as the Dream Theater legacy I spent so long building and protecting”.