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Ezra Furman adds covers EP to digital services

By | Published on Friday 22 February 2019

Ezra Furman has digitally released a covers EP that was previously only available on limited edition vinyl. It’s being released by Bella Union and is called ‘Songs By Others’.

One of the songs by another is ‘The Good Book’, originally by American singer-songwriter Melanie. Furman’s version of it was also used on the soundtrack to Netflix show ‘Sex Education’, on which he featured heavily.

On ‘The Good Book’ he says: “It’s a genius song. I had actually never [before] heard a song that is about what that song is about: how an audience wants something from a performer and wants reassurance, like, ‘Tell us you love us with a book or a song or a poem because we need it'”.

He realised all this around the release of his 2015 album ‘Perpetual Motion People’. He adds: “That was the first album of ours that came out where it felt like a lot of people were waiting for it to come out and talking about it and playing the lead single on the radio. So I was just thinking a lot about what can be emotional or tender or beautiful in the audience-performer relationship”.

And that’s when he realised that ‘The Good Book’ as a song “is … like … ‘tell us you love us so we don’t feel alone’, and it seems like the best thing a song could do – to make someone not feel so alone”.

Feel not alone with Furman’s version of ‘The Good Book’ here.