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Ezra Furman releases new single, Forever In Sunset

By | Published on Thursday 12 May 2022

Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman has announced her upcoming new album, ‘All Of Us Flames’, and released new single ‘Forever In Sunset’.

“The biggest influence on the lyrics of this song is a conversation I had with a friend of mine”, she says. “When COVID was first hitting, she was talking to me a lot about how ready she felt”.

“She was like, ‘People who have been comfortable in life are freaking out right now. But queer people like me have been in crisis before. I grew up poor and my family kicked me out when I was a teenager. My world has already ended plenty of times before, and we queers know what to do: we take care of each other, we help each other out, we have a network of support for the crises we know will hit us from time to time'”.

“And then she lost her job and ended up moving in with me and my family for like three months”, she continues. “And she was right, we were okay and we were taking care of each other. That influenced a lot of what the whole record is about”.

“But ‘Forever In Sunset’ is specifically a woman who’s been through some shit speaking to a new lover who is becoming attached to them, trying to warn the lover about how she is trouble, about how she has been through crises and they will come again. And that’s just how she lives, never settled, never safe, but also never defeated/finished – ‘Forever In Sunset’”.

“Sometimes it feels like crisis is hitting more and more of the general population”, she goes on. “They think the world is ending. But people who have been through a personal apocalypse or two have something to teach them. The world doesn’t end, shit just happens and if we don’t die we have to take care of each other”.

As for the album as a whole she says: “This is a first person plural album. It’s a queer album for the stage of life when you start to understand that you are not a lone wolf, but depend on finding your family, your people, how you work as part of a larger whole. I wanted to make songs for use by threatened communities, and particularly the ones I belong to: trans people and Jews”.

‘All Of Us Flames’ is set for release on 26 Aug. Furman will also be in the UK for live shows in November.