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Fable and Paul Hartnoll reveal rejected Eurovision entry

By | Published on Tuesday 23 February 2016


As the six potential UK entrants for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were unveiled on BBC Radio 2 yesterday morning, Fable and Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll released a song that they had put forward but which was rejected by the Beeb. Unfortunately, they hadn’t received the memo that the theme for this year’s UK entry was ‘crushingly dull’, and they went instead for something judges felt might be ‘a bit much’.

“I’ve been working with Paul for a while on various things, and he had this mad idea to write a track for the Eurovision Song Contest”, explains Fable to CMU. “They said they were going to be brave and put some interesting tracks in, so we cooked up ‘Human Pretending’ to test that theory out, but I think we scared them off”.

To be fair, it is not the most obvious Eurovision entry, but it’s not dissimilar in tone to songs that have appeared in the competition before and done well. What’s wrong with not being obvious, anyway? Maybe standing out is what we need to do after almost two decades of fading into the background at Eurovision. And as we all stand up and threaten to leave Europe altogether, maybe something a bit darker than usual would have been apt.

Anyway, here is ‘Human Pretending’, which will now never have the opportunity to shake Sweden: