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Fabric goes dark

By | Published on Tuesday 15 January 2019


Fabric is in the middle of a black out. All social media posts have been deleted, its website is now just a black page, and the London club itself is hidden behind black boards.

All of this is almost certainly something to do with the legendary music venue’s 20th anniversary this year. Although, thanks to high profile licensing issues in recent years and a period of actual closure after Islington Council withdrew its licence in 2016, many fans are now concerned that this might be the end. Particularly those who have just seen the boarded up club, I think.

If you want information about what’s actually going on, though, you’re out of luck. The only posts on the club’s Twitter and Instagram pages are images of a black square and its Facebook page has been taken down entirely. So no point raising questions there. The next obvious thing to do is send a panicked email to any members of staff you may know at the club. But if you do that, you’ll just get an automatic reply featuring 20 black squares.

So this is all fun, isn’t it? Unless Fabric has actually closed down, in which case I apologise for reporting on this sequence of events in our flippant ‘and finally’ slot.