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Facebook adds music videos to its Watch service

By | Published on Monday 3 August 2020

Facebook Watch

For everybody who has been demanding that Facebook become a destination for official music videos – and, for that matter, the other 7,802,423,015 people currently living on Planet Earth – Facebook is becoming a destination for official music videos. What a time to be alive!

While artists have obviously been able to upload music videos to Facebook without any rights hassles ever since the social media firm finally sorted out its music licences a couple of years back, it’s been known for a while that the company was now seeking a more steady supply of pop promos directly from its record industry partners.

It’s all part of the firm’s long-running and on-going bid to take on YouTube via its Watch tab. A new strand within Watch will seek to become a destination point for people seeking music videos. Though, for the labels, the real pitch is that said videos will still also appear in the news feeds of Facebook users, pushing that content at both existing fans and a new audience.

Having successfully pitched all that to the labels, and put the new service live in the US, Facebook has scored a bunch of video premieres in the hope that somebody somewhere might get into the habit of going to Facebook Watch for the latest new vids, rather than visiting YouTube on auto-pilot.

And once they’re there, those people will be able to enjoy an all new “music video experience” that has been honed by Facebook while testing out this new Watch feature in India and Thailand. Glorious!

“With official music videos on Facebook, we’re creating new social experiences that are about more than just watching the video”, the Facebookers said on Friday. “In the coming weeks, we’ll add more of your favourite music videos to Facebook. And over time, we’ll introduce more features to help music lovers share, discover and connect around music on Facebook”.