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Faith No More not working on new material

By | Published on Friday 11 November 2011

Faith No More

I always think, if you’re going to reunite your old band, you should at least have the decency to just milk your back catalogue and not write any new songs. So well done to Faith No More. They may have been back together for a couple of years now, but thankfully they’re in no rush to get back to the studio.

Speaking to MovieWeb, frontman Mike Patton said: “There are no plans. That is all I can say. We have basically talked very little about it. I think that is because we are really just getting to know each other again. And we are getting to enjoy each other’s company again. We are taking it, and appreciating it for what it is. We are not trying to look too far ahead. That is the honest truth”.

He continued: “I think it’s important not to make plans. And to not put extraneous demands on something like this. It’s a delicate thing. We hadn’t played together in more than ten years. It was nerve wracking enough to get in the same room again, and revisit this, and play some of this stuff. But I think we were all really, very pleasantly surprised”.

I hope that doesn’t mean that they will write new songs at some point in the future and ruin everything I said about them earlier. But it does seem that there are no old songs left to issue, if they do fancy unveiling something new. Asked if there are any unreleased songs still in the archives, he said: “There may be a song or two… but there are reasons for leaving something off a record. Maybe we didn’t think they were good enough. Over the years, there have been so many compilations, and greatest hits, I think they have gone through the graveyard of B-sides, and they have exhausted them all”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Patton also revealed that on the band’s next run of live shows they will perform their ‘King For A Day’ album in full. Patton has also just released ‘Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude of Prime Number (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi)’, comprising his original score to last year’s cinematic rendering of Paolo Giordano’s bestselling Italian novel. It is very good.