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Faithless likely to self-release – may give away tracks

By | Published on Tuesday 20 January 2009

Following on from artist manager Brian Message’s big keynote at MIDEM, and back to bigger artists going it alone without a label rather than newer talent, lets talk about Message’s other big band, Faithless.

And Message used MIDEM to let it be known those guys – having split from Sony Music last year – are not currently seeking a new major label deal, but rather would follow management-mates Radiohead’s lead and grab a little of that “artist empowerment” for themselves.

Message told Billboard: “I think it’s highly unlikely they would make a record deal. I hope they would take a whole lot of risk on making the music. They like that empowerment thing”.

Whether than means an ‘In Rainbows’ style give-away isn’t clear, though in his aforementioned keynote Message implied it might, adding: “Free is a valuable part of the artist proposition”.