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Fat White Family sell merch to finance trip to the States

By | Published on Tuesday 28 January 2014

Fat White Family

CMU Artists Of The Year 2013 Fat White Family have appealed to fans to pretty please finance a trip they’d quite like to take to America, if at all feasible, to play a string of live dates and appear at this year’s SXSW.

Petitioning for funds via PledgeMusic, on the grounds that “due to our fiercely independent nature (and total absence of record company support)” – hmmm – they need the money in order to tour, the band’s Lias Saudi writes: “We are turning to you, sisters and brothers, to fund our venture; don’t let those yanks go away thinking that all this country produces is middle of the road, safe as houses homogenised industry crap”.

And: “There is no low to which we shall not comfortably stoop; the future of bad taste is in your hands, don’t let it slide through your fingers and mucky your shoes”.

Amongst those “lows”, Fat Whites are offering signed and limited edition merch, song and cover commissions, one-to-one workshops, private shows, and an erm… ‘special massage’.

Details are here.