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Fender appoints Bono and The Edge to board of directors

By | Published on Friday 30 May 2014


Bono and The Edge, the wacky ones from U2, have been appointed to guitar manufacturer Fender’s board of directors. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking these are a couple of those made up jobs they have for pop stars now. But why don’t you just wait and hear what Fender Co-chairman Mark Fukunaga has to say about it all. By “hear”, I mean “read”, obviously.

Here’s what Fender Co-chairman Mark Fukunaga has to say about it all: “While the company’s strength is rooted in its history as a maker of authentic, iconic musical instruments, Fender is also a music company. The Edge’s track record as a guitarist and an innovator of unique sounds through his use of technology makes him an ideal partner to grow Fender’s brand. Bono is a visionary in the music world who also has business acumen and creativity that will help Fender thrive”.

Chipping in, The Edge added: “This is something of a kid in a candy store situation for me. I’ve been a fan of Fender guitars from the beginning, playing them on all the most important U2 tours and albums. But I’m most interested in working with the Fender design team on some new ideas”.

Now if that’s really true, ie he only used Fender guitars on the “most important” tours and albums, you might argue that The Edge sabotaged some of U2’s projects simply by not using Fender instruments on them all. But if you did starting trying to argue that, Bono would probably just butt in and start droning on like he always does. I assume that’s the explanation for his quote in the press release, anyway.

Here’s what Bono said: “Wherever you go in the world Fender is a standard bearer, not just for excellence in technology and craft, but for the influence of American culture. This made-in-USA company has at its heart innovation…the iconoclasm of Jimi Hendrix, the subtle sweet murmurings of Bill Frisell, as well as the most roadworthy loudspeaker on earth. When a festivalgoer wears a Fender t-shirt, they are saying a lot about themselves. They love music; they’re independent-spirited, they’re proud of this truly American company, a nexus of technology and culture which, in the end, can’t be copied no matter how hard the giants try. I’m excited to be part of developing newer technologies with Fender, as well as helping protect the jobs and commitment to excellence of their age-old craft”.

Put a sock in it, Bono. For fuck’s sake.