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Field Day brand expands into Europe with club-based shows

By | Published on Thursday 20 March 2014

Field Day

Now, so far we’ve gallantly overlooked the fact that London’s Field Day festival is now actually two days, because if you squint Victoria Park looks a bit like a field. But what’s this, three new versions of the event elsewhere in Europe taking place INDOORS?

It’s a good job we like this event, otherwise we’d be getting all distracted from reporting on the news Field Day is expanding its brand into three new European markets by dwelling on the lack of fields and precise time-spans of advertised events.

Anyway, here’s Field Day founder Tom Baker confirming earlier this week details of his three new club venue-based events in Turin, Amsterdam and Paris: “I’m thrilled that Field Day is hosting some brilliant line-ups in some exciting and unique club spaces across Europe. It’s great to have partnered with like-minded and creative promoters that I’ve worked with for many years. I very much look forward to the first of many [events] in the magnificent city of Turin, Italy, and it’s just a Eurostar ride away to Amsterdam and Paris. So perhaps make a weekend of it in May and then again in London’s Victoria Park in June”.