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Financial firm asks to withdraw from Britney Spears conservatorship

By | Published on Friday 2 July 2021

Britney Spears

The financial firm that jointly oversees Britney Spears’ financial affairs has requested to be removed as her co-conservator. The court filing requesting that removal comes a day after its role in the management of her estate was upheld by a judge.

In a legal document yesterday, The Bessemer Trust cited Britney Spears’ statement in court last month, in which she called the current arrangement for the management of her personal and financial affairs “abusive”. It said that it had previously been told that the conservatorship was voluntary on Spears’ part, and that the “changed circumstances” as result of her recent statement meant that it no longer wished to continue in its current role.

“As a result of [Spears’] testimony at the 23 Jun hearing … [The Bessemer Trust] has become aware that [Spears] objects to the continuance of her conservatorship and desires to terminate the conservatorship”, says the firm, according to the New York Times. “[The Bessemer Trust] has heard [Spears] and respects her wishes”.

Exactly what happens now isn’t clear. Earlier this week, the judge overseeing the conservatorship ruled that Bessemer should remain co-conservator of Spears’ finances with her father Jamie. This follows lengthy legal wrangling by Jamie Spears to regain full control of his daughter’s finances, and by Britney to have her father entirely removed from the arrangement.

The court still needs to approve Bessemer’s request to extract itself from Spears’ life. Meanwhile, although she has stated that she wants the conservatorship brought to an end, she and her attorney Sam Ingham have not yet filed an official motion to begin that process.