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Fist City cross over to Transgressive

By | Published on Friday 7 March 2014

Fist City

Canadian punk bunch Fist City have signed to Transgressive Records, who’ll reissue the group’s 2012 LP, ‘It’s 1983, Grow Up’, on 17 May. The remastered release will feature new tracks, ‘Losers Never Die’ and ‘Let’s Rip’.

Paying his respects to his label’s new signings, Transgressive exec Tim Dellow says: “Fist City are a special band who stopped us all in our tracks. Ten seconds into listening we’d all jumped up from our desks and were adamant that we had to sign this vital new band. Dischord(ant), dirty, new wave brilliance that should pour some cold piss and vinegar on all of you taking a nap at the back. Important band”.

Mmm, cold piss and vinegar crisps. In additional Fist City headlines, the band have regained bassist Brittany Fist, who dropped out of touring for a while, but is now back in the line-up.

And talking of touring, Fist City are headlining a series of free-entry dates beginning 22 Mar at Manchester’s Nekro Bar. Listings are detailed here, and this is past Fist City single and remastered ‘It’s 1983, Grow Up’ track ‘Boring Kids’: