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Five Finger Death Punch respond to label’s breach of contract lawsuit

By | Published on Friday 29 April 2016

Five Finger Death Punch

American metallers Five Finger Death Punch have responded to a lawsuit filed last week by their label, Prospect Park. In last week’s legal papers, the record company accused the band of breaching their contract by beginning work on a fourth album earlier than contractually allowed and refusing to deliver two new songs for a greatest hits collection.

The band’s contract seemingly prohibits them from beginning work on a new album until nine months after the release of their previous record. Their latest LP ‘Got Your Six’ was released on 4 Sep last year, meaning work on the follow-up should not begin until at least 4 Jun this year. The label alleges that the band is working on the album already because of fears that frontman Ivan Moody, who has an alcohol addiction, will become unable to work.

“Regrettably, with the encouragement of their entertainment lawyer and business manager, the members of FFDP have unequivocally repudiated their contractual obligations to permit Prospect Park to determine the recording elements of a new record and a greatest hits record”, says the lawsuit. “In doing so, the members of FFDP are shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate”.

In their response to the filing this week, the band said in a statement that Prospect Park’s “completely meritless” actions were the latest in “a long line of exploitative and abusive bullying tactics used by our former manager and current label CEO Jeff Kwatinetz to extract money from and wield power against the band”.

They also claim that, due to various artists leaving the label, their recordings “are now one of Prospect Park’s last remaining and most valuable assets still under contract”.

The band continued: “Five Finger Death Punch is prepared to record and deliver the final album this year under its recording agreement, but instead of allowing us to record, Prospect Park has chosen to sue us, hold us for ransom and squeeze extra money out of its contract rights by attempting to sell an interest in future recordings. What’s worse is that Prospect Park very deliberately filed their meritless lawsuit the same week we are trying put our fall co-headlining arena tour on sale”.

“As for our singer, Ivan Moody”, they added, “his issues are no secret and were recently and successfully addressed with the love and support of his family and bandmates in a rehabilitation facility. Never once did Prospect Park Management or Recordings support any efforts to get him sober, preferring the band continue making albums and touring”.

They finished by announcing their intention to file a counter-suit against Prospect Park.