Former Da Bander sues T-Pain over Hudson song

By | Published on Wednesday 9 June 2010

Elsewhere in hip hop litigation, rapper T-Pain is being sued by Sara Stokes, best known for being a member of Da Band, the group put together by Sean Combs as part of MTV’s ‘Making The Band’ show.

She claims she collaborated with T-Pain, real name Faheem Najm, a few years back on creating some original songs which she planned to release as a solo artist. After they had finished working together, she claims, she found out he had sold one of the tracks they’d collaborated on to Jennifer Hudson, for her 2008 debut album. The song Stokes claims to have inputted on is ‘What’s Wrong (Go Away)’, and she is suing for a cut of the royalties.

According to, in the lawsuit her laywer writes: “The exploitation of musicians is a story as old as the music and recording industry itself… Unfortunately, too often in today’s popular music culture, the fame and notoriety of some performers may eclipse the considerable contributions and integrity of developing artists/writers, often at the expense of the legal and moral rights of lesser known co-authors. Only slight deviations in the lyrics exist between Stokes’ version and the released version, whereas the whole musical composition is the exact same on which Stokes collaborated with Najm”.

Najm, his Nappy Boy companies and Universal’s Z-Tunes are all named as defendants on the lawsuit.