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Former Kobalt President now CEO at Tidal 

By | Published on Tuesday 8 August 2017


I think it’s my turn to run Tidal in October, and when I last checked the list you were down for next January. Which is exciting, because that means you’ll get to shut the whole thing down. But this month, it’s the turn of Richard Sanders.

Yes, following the departure of Jeff Toig from the top job at the Tidal company earlier this year, Sanders – most recently President at Kobalt and before that a long-time Sony Music exec – is now running the streaming music firm. He is the fourth CEO at Tidal since Jay-Z bought the company back in 2015.

Sanders will be charged with the task of exploiting the financial and marketing backing of newish Tidal investor Sprint to help build a long-term future for the company, which – despite all the hype – is a small player in a streaming music market where even the major players are losing money.