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Foxes in time-travelling boxes

By | Published on Friday 30 May 2014


Today’s hot TV gossip is that pop starlet Foxes, aka Louise Rose Allen, is going to make a cameo in the soon-coming season of the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’, which will commence in August and star Peter Capaldi as the new Doc.

In fact, it’s not only gossip. It’s officially happening, confirms the show’s writer Stephen Moffat, and also Foxes herself. She said this via BBC Radio 1 the other day: “It all came about from a chance meeting. I was playing a gig and got chatting to the show’s production team. I was telling them how much I loved ‘Doctor Who’ and next thing they invited me to be on it!”

Then she said: “I got to go into the Tardis, which was exciting. I sound like a proper geek now, but all the controls in the Tardis actually move. So it’s real!”