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Frankie Rose releases second single from new album

By | Published on Wednesday 1 February 2023

Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose has released ‘Sixteen Ways’, the second single from her upcoming new album ‘Love As Projection’. The track comes accompanied by a video on which she worked with choreographer Neil Schwartz and director Scott Kiernan.

“I wanted to make a dance video choreographed by 80s Baby [Shwartz] but with the ESPTV [Kiernan] aesthetic”, she says. “I trusted them completely and just let them create a world for me. The result is a video that feels like a fever dream in the black lodge complete with my very own machine elves”.

Schwartz adds: “I wanted to make sure that the movement matched the aesthetic and wanted to create clean lines focusing more toward the upper body. We focused on the arms to create flowing pictures that would match and complement the synths, beats and vocals, and overall musicality of the track”.

“I wanted to give individuality movement to each dancer”, he goes on, “while still including a cohesive sea of flowing colours that complemented each dancer to bring about a visual harmony of pictures and shapes”.

‘Love As Projection’ is set for release on 10 Mar. Watch the video for ‘Sixteen Ways’ here: