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Fucked Up announce album, Glass Boys

By | Published on Friday 7 March 2014

Fucked Up

Canada’s most profane hardcore band Fucked Up have just announced an album, their first since 2011’s laudable ‘David Comes To Life’.

The new LP, ‘Glass Boys’, which will be released later this year (exactly when is still unclear), is previewed very briefly in this clip:

This week also saw FU confirm the release of ‘Year Of The Dragon’, the latest entry in their Zodiac series. Out on twelve-inch vinyl and CD, the single will carry a nearly eighteen minute title track, plus two B-side covers, of Cardboard Brain’s ‘I Wanna Be A Yank’ and The Ugly’s ‘Disorder’, both “historic Toronto punk tunes”, say the band.

This is ‘I Wanna Be A Yank’: