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Fucked Up working on English concept album

By | Published on Friday 21 January 2011

Fucked Up

Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up have revealed some more about their next album, ‘David Comes To Life’, telling Pitchfork that it will be a concept album set in a fictional rural British town.

In March last year, guitarist Ben Cook told Exclaim: “It’s supposed to be a musical, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work, really. I’m sure as hell gonna sing and act in it, though”.

This week, frontman Pink Eyes told Pitchfork: “The album is this rock opera. The record itself is only sixteen songs, but there’s also a companion seven-inch and a companion twelve-inch and a compilation with bands that come from the fictitious town that we set the story in. We’re working on 40 songs right now. It’s crazy, but I don’t think there’s going to be another time in our lives where we’re going to have the opportunity to do something this ambitious. So we may as well try”.

Explaining the story, he said: “It takes place in a fictitious English town, and it’s about a guy, David, who works at a light bulb factory. He falls in love with this activist. She subsequently dies during an accident. You never really find out what the accident is because we couldn’t think of it. Then David’s on trial. There’s this prosecutor who was secretly in love with the activist but is also aware that he’s in a play. Then it gets really heady and drugged-out”.