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Fugees’ Pras Michel sues Showtime over Haitian presidency documentary broadcast

By | Published on Monday 18 July 2016

Sweet Micky For President

Former Fugee Pras Michel is suing Showtime for copyright infringement, accusing the US TV channel of broadcasting a documentary he co-produced, ‘Sweet Micky For President’, without his permission.

The film follows Haitian popstar Michel ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly’s successful bid to become president of the country in 2011, with was supported by the musician. The story coincides with the ex-Fugee’s former bandmate Wyclef Jean’s own failed bid for the post. Michel now says that Showtime is airing the film and making it available to stream online, despite a licensing agreement never actually being signed.

“Despite multiple demands by plaintiff to cease the unauthorised exploitation of the Sweet Micky film, Showtime has refused”, states the lawsuit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Instead, Showtime relies on a licence agreement that was never signed by Plaintiff to justify its blatant copyright infringement”.

Since April, the lawsuit claims, the film has been broadcast on TV fifteen times, while the number of online streams is unclear. Michel says that this is hindering his ability to sell the film to other third parties. As well as damages, he is seeking an injunction to block the broadcaster from exploiting the film any further.