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Full Sepultura reunion still blocked by one member

By | Published on Friday 10 December 2010

Former Sepultura frontman Max Cavelera has said that his efforts to bring the band’s classic (ie late 80s, early 90s) line-up back together are currently being blocked by bassist Paulo Jr, the only original member still in the current incarnation of the metal outfit. Andreas Kisser, also still in the band, and who is also considered part of the ‘classic line-up’, is apparently up for it. As are Cavelera himself, who left the band in 1996, and his drummer brother Igor, who quit in 2006.

Cavelera told Sonic Excess: “I did call Andreas, and I had a real good talk with him. It sounded like he wanted to do it, and I had Igor onboard for the reunion. I think the only person preventing it is Paulo. I don’t know why, but I think Paulo is really against the reunion. People should ask him why he is so against it, because I think it would be a great think for the fans to see the original line-up”.

He continued: “Sepultura was one of the most important bands in the metal scene, and it would have been really cool to do it. I don’t need a reunion, because Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy are doing great, but I would like to do it for the fans to show them we had this kick-ass band. We can do it again, but people should ask Paulo why it doesn’t appeal to him”.

He adds that he doesn’t think the current line up of his former band should still use the name Sepultura, despite Paulo and Kisser’s involvement, because since Igor’s departure none of the band’s original founders (ie him and Igor) are there. He added: “The ‘original’ band is not in the band anymore, me and Igor are out. Igor was original, because he was there in the beginning. But, now that we both are out, I don’t see the credibility”.