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Gallagher working on world’s best album

By | Published on Friday 30 July 2010

Okay, this is likely to get old fairly soon, but right now Liam Gallagher’s wide-eyed confidence in the music of his new band, Beady Eye, is still funny. Having up until now simply boasted that the band (basically Oasis without Noel) will be better than Oasis, he’s now stepped up a gear and started claiming that his new band’s debut album will be a classic passed down the generations.

Speaking to Sky, Gallagher said: “I’m doing the next record you’ll hear for the next 50 years. It’s not gonna be out until next year. We’ll probably get a single out October or November, and there’s no point in doing gigs if people haven’t heard the music”.

Yeah, fair point. Imagine if bands were to start playing gigs before they’d released any records. It would be chaos! But on the subject of gigs, Sky was keen to know when Liam would stop all this and just get his brother back in the band. Only, he said, if they were “fucking skint”, though with a classic album like Beady Eye’s on his hands, that is clearly not going to happen any time soon.