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Gary Barlow confident that a full Take That reunion will happen one day

By | Published on Wednesday 27 January 2021

Take That

Gary Barlow has said he still believes that Take That will one day reunite as a five-piece, rather than slowly dwindling down one member at a time until its just him tap dancing in an empty room, as is the current trajectory.

“I think there will [be a full reunion]”, Barlow tells Chris Evans on his ‘How To Wow’ podcast. “That’s one of the thrills of being in the band. You don’t know what’s going to happen from record to record and it’s lovely. It’s a very safe place Take That. It’s a lovely environment. It feels like a safe haven. It’s a place to go back to when you’ve done a bit of playing around and it’s time to go home”.

The group last appeared in their fullest form back in 2011, when Williams briefly rejoined the group – having originally left in 1995. Then in 2014, Jason Orange left the outfit and has since disappeared from public life. And in 2019, Williams revealed that Orange was no longer in contact with any members of the group.

Williams did then take part in a livestream with the current Take That line-up last year, which is getting close to a full reunion. Although, it’s probably worth mentioning again, Jason Orange doesn’t seem to want to be in the limelight and no longer speaks to his former bandmates.

Anyway, Gary Barlow turned 50 last week, so maybe he’s hoping Orange will sign up to tour dates as a birthday present.