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Gary Barlow presented with MIT honour

By | Published on Tuesday 6 November 2012

Gary Barlow

Tax efficient Tulisa-taunting royalty pleaser Gary Barlow picked up this year’s Music Industry Trusts Award last night, the annual lifetime achievement gong presented at a big fundraising dinner in aid of the Nordoff Robbins music therapy charity and the BRITs School.

Said Gary as he received his MIT honour: “I’ve been doing this for 22 years now, and the one thing that’s more apparent to me than ever before is how much I love performing. To be able to do it, I feel really lucky, I never want to turn my back on it. It’s so special when you get something like this, because it’s recognised within the industry. I’m a lover of this industry, I’d do anything to protect it, and when you’re given something from that industry, I’m honoured”.

A stack of music celebs, including Barlow’s Take That bandmates and ‘X-Factor’ co-stars, attended the fundraising dinner, which included the airing of a video from Prince Charles no less, commending the pop man for all his charidee work; though given all those old clips doing the rounds of the future king bigging up Jimmy Savile for all his charitable endeavours, I’m not sure such an accolade is worth much any more. But hey, well done Gary, if only for providing hope to all those former boyband stars with failed solo careers under their belts – sometimes you do get a second chance to be pop royalty.