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German police drop investigation into sexual assault claims against Rammstein frontman

By | Published on Wednesday 30 August 2023

Prosecutors in Berlin have dropped an investigation into alleged sexual assaults by Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, citing a lack of evidence.

Responding to the news in a statement, lawyers for Lindemann said: “The rapid termination of investigative proceedings by the Berlin state prosecutor’s office shows that there is insufficient evidence that our client allegedly committed sexual offences”.

Allegations against Lindemann began to surface in May when a woman named Shelby Lynn claimed online that she had been drugged after being invited to join pre- and after-show parties at a concert in Vilnius, Lithuania.

After she went public, other women came forward with their own allegations. Both Lindemann and the band strongly denied these accusations. However, police in Berlin launched an investigation.

Now prosecutors say that Lynn’s claims were too vague to pursue and that nothing she had witnessed could be deemed a criminal offence. An investigation into Alena Makeeva, a woman alleged to have been involved in selecting women to meet Lindemann backstage, has also been dropped.