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Girlpool announce new album, What Chaos Is Imaginary

By | Published on Thursday 15 November 2018


Girlpool have announced that they will release their third album, ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’, on 1 Feb. They’ve also released its lead single ‘Hire’.

The writing of this album was different to those that have gone before, as the bandmembers found themselves living in different states in the US. “Before, we would build our songs together with four hands, from the ground up”, says Cleo Tucker. “Our songs used to be intertwined in a different way. We brought our separate experiences to the songs that we crafted together, we valued understanding that they were multidimensional”.

“It’s helped me find validity in parts of my writing I found to be unapproachable”, adds Harmony Tividad. “I thought my stream-of-consciousness was unsophisticated”.

Listen to ‘Hire’ here: