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Glastonbury or Eurovision? The nation decides

By | Published on Thursday 1 April 2021


When Glastonbury announced its big 22 May livestream event yesterday, you probably thought one of three things. Perhaps you thought, “Why aren’t they doing it on actual Glastonbury weekend?” Or maybe you pondered, “Isn’t that the first weekend after venues in England can re-open for socially distanced shows, isn’t that an odd moment to be encouraging music fans to stay at home?”

Or maybe, like me, you actually screamed, “Why are they doing it on Eurovision night?!” I mean, what an obvious scheduling disaster. Noting this issue, Eurovision’s official Twitter account wrote in response to Glastonbury’s announcement: “We’re a bit busy on that night”.

It’s alright though, there is a solution. Because the Glastonbury livestream will be livestreaming on four separate timelines to account for global timezones. “One of our timed streams begins just after Eurovision finishes”, tweeted Glastonbury. “We fully advocate people watching both!”

So that’s all fine then. Although, after watching four hours of Eurovision – scoring and all – I’m not sure that many people are going to be all that keen to sit up watching a five hour Glastonbury livestream over night. Not least because people plucking guitars in a field might seem a bit drab in comparison.

The good news is, though, Coldplay are headlining the Glastonbury show, so you’ll be able to skip that bit and get to bed by about 4am. Other performers include Damon Albarn, Jorja Smith, Haim, Wolf Alice and Michael Kiwanuka.

There is one other possible solution. While the Glastonbury show will not be able to watch on demand after the fact, you could always watch the Eurovision final on iPlayer the next day. It’s not the same though. It’s just not the same.