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Global artist management group relaunches with Luxembourg base

By | Published on Wednesday 21 May 2014


The International Music Managers Forum, the global grouping for artist managers, has recently relaunched, with the formerly London-based body now having a base in Luxembourg.

The move coincides with a revamp of the organisation’s structure, including the creation of a number of new committees focused on different areas of the business, and the appointment of Daria Wabnitz to coordinate the body’s affairs day to day. The number of national and regional artist manager groups affiliated with the global body has also increased, while you sense the IMMF plans to have a higher profile at key music business events moving forward.

One of those involved in the relaunch of the IMMF is lawyer Kari Karjalainen, who is also chairing the group’s copyright committee, and who told CMU of the revamp: “People need music, and in order to support music making, music creators seek audiences for, and income from their creations. For some time the market for music has not functioned either fairly or efficiently, imbalances which affect the creation of new music. One of the core problems is that the marketplace for music rights does not work. The growing ambition of IMMF is thus no coincidence, but a necessity”.