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GMG appoint new brand controllers

By | Published on Wednesday 4 February 2009

The Guardian’s radio firm, GMG Radio, has appointed Jay Crawford and Steve Collins to the roles of Brand Programme Directors for the Smooth and Real/Century networks respectively.

They’ll be responsible for ensuring ‘brand consistency’ on all the Smooth and Real/Century stations around the UK. If that doesn’t sound like a full time job, that’s because it’s not. Both men will do their new jobs in addition to their existing GMG roles, PD for Scotland in Crawford’s case, PD For Smooth Radio Northwest for Collins.

GMG’s Group Programme Director John Simons says this: “This is an exciting new development phase within GMG Radio and Jay and Steve are two experienced programmers who will help develop the Smooth and Real brands ensuring we can meet the growing commercial needs for the networks whilst ensuring the core brand values of the stations continue to be met”.