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GMG chief to head up local radio review

By | Published on Friday 13 February 2009

John Myers, departing CEO of GMG Radio, will head up the more detailed investigation into the future of local radio that was promised in the previously reported Digital Britain report on the future of the UK media and content industries in the digital era.

Myers, who leaves GMG in April, will lead an advisory group to look at the role of radio in delivering local content in the digital age, at how local radio can be most effectively provided, and at the rules that currently govern just how local local radio should be.

Confirming his involvement in the review, Myers told reporters: “We know that consumers value local content, particularly on local radio, and that successive governments and regulators have sought to secure this through localness rules. It is only right that as we move towards a predominantly digital landscape for radio we consider the appropriateness of the current rules and how local content should be preserved in the future”.