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Gogol Bordello announce new album, Solidaritine

By | Published on Wednesday 20 July 2022

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello have announced that they will release their latest album, ‘Solidaritine’, later this year.

Coloured by the ongoing war in frontman Eugene Hutz’s native Ukraine, the album sees the band move back towards a harder punk sound.

“This is music of survival and perseverance”, says Hutz. “That’s always been our main driving force. We just want to give the world a timeless album with messages of human potential and power”.

“Our music was always about perseverance”, he goes on. “Rock n roll comes out of a real place. Take a group of people who have endured immigrant traumas and dislocation. They create music, get successful together, become more baroque and experimental, and experience some years of relative calm. All of a sudden, humankind encounters these problems like the pandemic and the war. This is when rock n roll is the most necessary and where we perform the best”.

“The album is really about uniting the people of goodwill”, he concludes. “Releasing any kind of art that doesn’t address the situation in Ukraine right now would be pretty despicable”.

The first single from the album is ‘Focus Coin’, of which Hutz says: “The quality of your ability to focus defines everything in your life and that’s exactly what the first single ‘Focus Coin’ is about. Your focus is the hardest currency there is”.

‘Solidaritine’ is set for release on 16 Oct. Listen to ‘Focus Coin’ here: