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Goldfrapp return with new album

By | Published on Tuesday 24 January 2017


Goldfrapp are back, if you were wondering. Which you might have been. They’re going to release a new album called ‘Silver Eye’ on 31 Mar.

“We’ve never liked repeating ourselves”, says Alison Goldfrapp, which I’m sure I’ve heard her say before. “Often we react to things we’ve just done. We like the spontaneity of not knowing. It’s only through the process that we start to figure out what it is. The fans who have stuck with us are the ones who embrace that idea and are excited by the thought that they don’t know quite what to expect next”.

The other half of the duo, Will Gregory adds: “I think writing an album is like being lost in a wood. You’re trying to figure out an interesting path. You don’t know whether it’s going to be a dead end or somewhere interesting and you never know when to stop because around the corner some beautiful vista might open up”.

It is possible to listen to the album’s first single, ‘Anymore’, here: