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Google burgers and horsemeat murders: Kasabian are back

By | Published on Friday 17 January 2014


Twitter hate-bait Kasabian this week added, um, ‘intrigue’ to their still-vague new LP, which is meant to be ‘landing’ later this year, perhaps (definitely) in the midst of all the festivals they’ll be playing, and around the time Kasabian might (definitely will) be rockin Glastonbury. But wait, I digress. The actual, authentic facts on Kasabian’s sans-title new album are that it:

a) Will feature a track titled ‘Ezz-Ehh’, which itself features the now much tweeted lines “Horsemeat in the burgers, people commit murders/Everyone’s on bugle, we’re being watched by Google”, which the band’s Serge Pizzorno and Tom Meighan thought of during some “ridiculous” songwriting sesh or other. Whilst in no way high on bugle.

b) Is, says Meighan via NME, “a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drug we’ve created. I can’t get my head round it. It’s rock n roll, it’s got the rawness and it’s edgy, but we’ve gone back to electronica and we’ve gone beyond leftfield. What else can we do? It’s a silver bullet mate. It’s fantastic”.

Fab. And since it’s way, way too easy to rip into Tom n Serge’s (semi-)rhymes, let’s instead take the high road and think a little deeper, as deeply perhaps as Vice’s Clive Martin has. Or just hide in a cupboard until this all blows over.