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Government order independent review of UK music education

By | Published on Monday 27 September 2010

The boss of Classic FM will lead a government review on the state of music education in the UK because, of course, the classical sector are leading experts on engaging and enthusing young people.

The Global-owned station’s MD Darren Henley has been recruited by the Tory’s only slightly weird (no, okay, very weird) education man Michael Gove to lead the independent review, which will consult parents, teachers and music specialists (though no actual real life young people it seems) on how to better encourage and enable the kids to stop pretending to play musical instruments on their Xboxes and learn how to play a proper instrument instead.

The review will look at how to improve opportunities inside and outside of school for kids who want to play, on how better teaching can be provided, on how more music professionals can be brought into schools, on how young people can be better offered live music experiences, and how to pay for all of that. The aim, really, is to ensure all aspiring young musicians are offered the right opportunities, oblivious of where they live, what school they go to and whether their parents can afford private tuition.

The Gove-ster said this: “It’s a sad fact that too many children in state schools are denied the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Evidence suggests that learning an instrument can improve numeracy, literacy and behaviour. But more than that, it is simply unfair that the joy of musical discovery should be the preserve of those whose parents can afford it”.