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Grab some kindling and don’t delay, Perfume Genius’s new album is on the way

By | Published on Thursday 27 February 2020

Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius has announced that he will release his fifth album, ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’, in May.

“I wanted to feel more open, more free and spiritually wild”, he says. “I’m in a place now where those feelings are very close – but it can border on being unhinged. I wrote these songs as a way to be more patient, more considered – to pull at all these chaotic threads hovering around me and weave them into something warm, thoughtful and comforting”.

The first single from the album is ‘Describe’, of which he says: “It started as a really sombre ballad. It was very minimal and very slow. And then it turned into this beast of a song. I started writing about when you are in such a dark place that you don’t even remember what goodness is or what anything feels like. And so, the idea was having someone describe that to you, because you forgot or can’t get to it”.

The track’s video, which he directed himself, envisions – he adds – “an end of the world where there are no boundaries, there are no edges, no rules, or the rules are completely new with how you interact with each other and the space around you”.

The album is out on 15 May through Matador. Check out ‘Describe’ here: