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Graham Coxon announces graphic novel project

By | Published on Friday 13 November 2020

Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon has announced a graphic novel and accompanying soundtrack album called ‘Superstate’, which has seen him collaborate with fifteen comic book artists and two co-writers.

“‘Superstate’ is a story of escape”, says Coxon. “In a society where war rages between the forces, negativity and positivity, encouragement and discouragement, the fragile road to freedom burns its way through the far reaches of space”.

Josh Frankel of publisher Z2 adds: “We at Z2 feel that we are setting the standard for the relationship between comic book storytelling and music, and Graham Coxon’s ‘Superstate’ is a high watermark for our company’s brief history and bright future”.

“We wanted to ensure that Graham’s vision was brought to life in the most authentic way possible”, he goes on, “and have assembled a team that has delivered a book that is essential to the album experience. I am so proud of the way this project has come together”.

The book and soundtrack will be released in March. Watch a trailer here: