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Graham Coxon Fucked Up

By | Published on Wednesday 11 March 2009

Turns out that headline might be a bit misleading. But we have two points from the “CMU always gets its label trivia correct, except sometimes on a cloudy Tuesday morning” file.

First, thanks to everyone who spotted the, erm, deliberate error in yesterday’s Graham Coxon story. Coxon, of course, does not own Transgressive Records, he owns Transcopic Records. Transgressive are, though, releasing Coxon’s new solo album, meaning that Transgressive is Coxon’s label, but it isn’t *his* label, whereas Transcopic is *his* label, although not his label. We’re glad to have cleared that up.

And in a second confirmation of label information in relation to yesterday’s Daily, although Fucked Up are currently signed to Matador, it is actually What’s Your Rupture? who will be releasing the band’s new single, ‘Year Of The Rat’.