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Approved: TGE Gig Previews 2012

By | Published on Wednesday 9 May 2012

In the run-up to this year’s Great Escape in Brighton, the team at CMU have taken some time off from programming the festival’s convention section to select some of the gigs they are most looking forward to. Here are the selections so far, keep checking back for more.

Swim DeepSwim Deep
Even if the grunge revival isn’t quite your thing, don’t let the sight of acid-wash denim, Nike hi-tops and skateboarding in Swim Deep’s ‘King City’ video detract from the band or the track itself. Swim Deep will play two shows at The Great Escape, both on 11 May. First they’ll be down at the Psychosocial Basement at 7.15pm, and The Loft at 9pm [Read more]

Dan Le SacDan Le Sac
With the release of his debut solo album, ‘Space Between The Words’, due on 2 Jul via Sunday Best, Dan will close Friday’s proceedings with a 1.30am set at Concorde 2. The venue’s full line-up for the night was curated by Le Sac himself, and he’s not made things easy for himself booking two brilliant support acts, Karin Park and Nathan Fake [Read more]

The Proper OrnamentsThe Proper Ornaments
The Proper Ornaments’ songs share a deft and delicate sonic quality, spinning low-slung Byrds/Brian Wilson-esque csongcraft on a crux of taut rhythms and vague harmonic reveries. If you’d like to see all that translated to a live Great Escape stage, The Proper Ornaments play the Green Door Store on 12 May at 11.30pm [read more]

I’m expecting pop duo AlunaGeorge’s Great Escape show to be one of the more over-subscribed events at this year’s festival, and not without good reason. Perfectly balancing mainstream pop with more experimental R&B production, the pair – vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid – will play Coalition on 11 May at 11.30pm, bringing the Friday night to its peak [read more]

Bass Drum Of DeathBass Drum Of Death
With impassive faces buried in ‘Southern rock’ coiffs, the Oxford, Mississippi-based John Barrett and Colin Sneed make a monolith of noise from their one-guitar-one-drumkit set-up in a manner so competent that the phrase ‘well rehearsed’ doesn’t quite match the act. The band appear at this year’s Great Escape at The Hope on 10 May at 10:15pm [read more]

Trippple NippplesTrippple Nippples
Trippple Nippples have all the makings of a pop group, but it’s a version of a pop group you might see in a particularly lucid nightmare. They’ll play two shows at The Great Escape in Brighton later this week. First, you can catch them at The Warren on Thursday at 9.15pm, then they’ll play at 1am the following night at The Loft [read more]

It hardly seems necessary to mention that the inimitable Grimes, aka Canada’s Claire Boucher, will form one of TGE’s most hyped live attractions this year. Redesigning pop hyperbole in her own image, new LP ‘Visions’ is a dark refinement of Boucher’s craft (and… well, vision). Grimes will play The Great Escape on 12 May at Digital at 8.45pm [read more]

Bleeding Heart NarrativeBleeding Heart Narrative
Originally a solo project for composer Oli Barrett, as things progressed Barrett began to bring in additional musicians, amassing a team of collaborators who have previously worked with the likes of Brian Ferry, The Ting Tings, Patrick Wolf, Emmy The Great and more. Catch the band at The Great Escape at Above Audio on Friday at 8.45pm [read more]

Paul Thomas SaundersPaul Thomas Saunders
Paul Thomas Saunders released his debut EP last summer and had us hooked pretty much from the off. His second EP, ‘Descartes Highlands’, was released last month, showing off against his skilful songwriting and incredibly sharp voice. Live his voice is just as arresting, as you will find at his TGE show at The Prince Albert at 8.30pm on Saturday [read more]

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