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Approved: Paul Thomas Saunders (TGE Gig Previews 2012)

By | Published on Friday 11 May 2012

Paul Thomas Saunders

Paul Thomas Saunders released his CMU approved debut EP, ‘Lilac And Wisteria’, last summer and had us hooked pretty much from the off. Of particular note was lead track ‘Appointment In Samarra’, which builds around a slow-paced guitar loop, unfolding gently into a dreamlike atmosphere, as synths swirl through the track and the rolling drums nudge things along.

His second EP, ‘Descartes Highlands’, followed last month, showing off against his skilful songwriting and incredibly sharp voice, which draws you into his songs and holds you in its grasp until it decides you should be released.

Live his voice is just as arresting, if not more so, as you will find if you do the sensible thing and attend his Great Escape show at The Prince Albert at 8.30pm on Saturday.

As a taste of what you can expect, here’s a live studio version of ‘Appointment In Samarra’:

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