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Approved: Swim Deep (TGE Gig Previews 2012)

By | Published on Monday 30 April 2012

Swim Deep

Even if the 1990s grunge-pop revival isn’t quite your thing, don’t let the sight of acid-wash denim, distressed Nike hi-tops and amateurish skateboarding in West Midlands quartet Swim Deep’s video debut ‘King City’ detract from the band – part of Birmingham’s blossoming ‘B-Town’ co-operative – or the track itself.

Pitched with no slight sense of shy ambition, its main refrain (“With the sun on my back it’s a nice day/I would never ch-choose any other way” – ironic given the video’s grey scenery) is nothing if not relatable, though its ‘Beach House on a carousel’-style synths touch on the palatial. Almost.

And ‘King City’ isn’t a one-off, there’s also its reverse side, ‘Beach Justice’, to consider. Furnished with its own self-contained chorus line (“She gets up and I’m still awake/Please go easy on me, Sunday”), this chaste guitar shuffle is just as listenable as its A-side other half. The single is set for release via Chess Club on 14 May, and you can preview both tracks below.

But before that, Swim Deep will play two shows at The Great Escape, both on 11 May. First they’ll be down at the Psychosocial Basement at 7.15pm, then less than two hours later they’ll have dragged all their gear up to The Loft at 9pm.

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