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Greatest Hits Radio moves Top Ten At Ten to 9am to accommodate big hire Ken Bruce

By | Published on Tuesday 7 March 2023

Greatest Hits Radio

Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio has announced that the Top Ten At Ten that it airs each morning will be shifting to 9am from next month which, I mean, that doesn’t really work does it? Top Nine At Nine surely.

GHR currently airs a Top Ten At Ten at 10am and 10pm each day. You’re meant to listen and guess what year it comes from. It’s not an especially original feature in radio land, but then, when you’re a nostalgia station, why would you do anything original?

However, next month that Ken Bruce is joining GHR to entertain everyone who is feeling nostalgic for the way Radio 2 used to be all the way back last week.

His new show will start at 10am and he is bringing his own quiz with him from the Beeb, that being PopMaster which, tradition apparently dictates, has to air at 10.30am. Which means big hire Bruce can’t be expected to take on the GHR’s existing 10am feature.

So what the fuck to do about the Top Ten At Ten? That’s the challenge the bigwigs at GHR had to figure out. I mean, move it to 9am, that’s easy. But, The Top Ten At Nine? No, no, no, that simply won’t work.

But worry not people, the bigwigs have a solution. The 9am version of the Top Ten At Ten will become the Top Ten Til Ken. “See what we did there?”, GHR asked when announcing that change on its website.

Yes, we see what you did there. We’re not saying that we like it, or accept it, or approve it, or welcome it, or respect it, or countenance it, or commend it, or condone it, or endorse it, or sanction it, but we have to admit, we see it.