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Greatest Hits Radio teams up with Now for a retro chart show

By | Published on Wednesday 20 February 2019

You know what the problem is with chart shows on the radio these days? That no one knows they still exist? No, not that. That no one cares about the chart anymore? No, not that either. The real problem is that official music charts – keen as they are to track the music with the most sales and streams in any one week – are full of new music.

Yeah new music. Fuck new music. I want to listen to the music that had the most sales and streams in 1996. Actually, I don’t. Though a chart of the most streamed music in 1996 would be interesting I guess. But if the thought of a chart show counting down the most popular tracks from a year gone by sounds like a good thing to you, then good news!

Bauer’s recently launched retro pop station Greatest Hits Radio has teamed up with Sony and Universal’s ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ brand for a new weekly chart show that will countdown the hits from some year in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s. You know, just for laughs. The show will go out in the classic Sunday tea time chart show slot and will be hosted by top 40 countdowner of old Mark Goodier.

Says Greatest Hits Radio Content Director Andy Ashton: “Our listeners love hearing music from their formative years and for many the ‘Now’ compilations mirror fond memories of good times old and new. Featuring hits throughout the decades of ‘Now’s reign, this chart countdown will be a fun nostalgic weekend trip for listeners”.

Adds Peter Duckworth of Now! Music: “‘Now’ albums have been charting people’s musical lives for over three and a half decades. The new ‘Now That’s What I Call A Chart Show’ on Greatest Hits Radio will be a wonderful opportunity for music fans to hear the hits from ‘Now’s younger years”.

How very very wonderful. It all starts on 3 Mar.