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Grooveshark says it’s back on Facebook

By | Published on Tuesday 15 May 2012


Grooveshark has confirmed that both its official page and app were removed from the Facebook platform at the start of the month because of a copyright takedown request from an unknown rights owner, but adds that it has now reassured the social network that its presence on the Facebook site operates within US copyright law.

As previously reported, when official links between Facebook and Grooveshark were terminated the often controversial streaming music service, which is currently fighting lawsuits from all four majors labels, said a mistake had occurred. But Facebook confirmed to Digital Music News at the weekend that it had actually been responding to a complaint by a copyright owner when switching off the Grooveshark page and app, and it now turns out that Grooveshark confirmed the same late last week via its own blog.

But Grooveshark has gone one step further by, on Sunday, claiming it had sufficiently reassured Facebook that the rights owner’s complaint was without merit, and that as a result the two services would soon be fully linked again.

The company blogged: “As a fellow US-based DMCA-compliant service, Facebook’s copyright notice and takedown process is very similar to Grooveshark’s. [So we worked] with Facebook to reactivate the Grooveshark Page and App in accordance with their process. In fact, this incident has created an even stronger line of communication and cooperation between our two companies. We completed Facebook’s notice, takedown and appeal process for our Facebook Page on Friday, and we’re happy to share that the official Grooveshark Facebook Page has been reinstated”.

Grooveshark previously had its mobile apps removed from both the Apple and Android stores because of complaints by rights owners, though has got around that by offering an HTML5 app that does not need the approval of any device or operating system manufacturers.