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Guardian staffers take senior editorial roles at Vice

By | Published on Friday 11 September 2015


Vice has got itself a new Editor In Chief and a new Managing Editor for the UK, both joining from The Guardian, because Vice basically is the new Guardian, of course. Hey Guardian journalists, you’re all just working for the old Vice. Though not Rebecca Nicholson and Jenny Stevens, because they are heading to the new Guardian, yes, to The Manchester Vice.

Confirming Nicholson’s appointment as Editor In Chief UK, Vice’s Global Head Of Content Alex Miller put on his boasting hat and told reporters: “In a world where the left and right wing of British media are converging in a puddle of clickbait, Vice UK needs more than ever to maintain its originality and its voice. Rebecca is the person to help us do that. Only someone with her editorial vision and charisma can ensure that while we continue to grow dramatically, we never stumble into the pitfalls of the mainstream. I can’t wait to start working with her”.

Meanwhile Nicholson declared: “After learning a huge amount during my time at the Guardian, I’m incredibly excited to be joining Vice UK and getting involved with its unique and frank approach to such a variety of stories. Vice UK has changed a lot over the last few years and I can’t wait to work with its outstanding team of young journalists on shaping the next incarnation”.

Do you think that’s code for “Vice was shit but got good last year”? I think it might be.

Nicholson joins Vice in November, while Stevens will become Managing Editor next month. Oh, and there have been some internal promotions too, with Jamie Clifton becoming Deputy Editor of and Elektra Kotsoni rising to European Editorial Director. So good news all round for business card printers.