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Guardian to stream Haim, John Newman and Disclosure shows

By | Published on Friday 11 April 2014


Over the coming months, The Guardian, as part of an alliance with LoveLive and Spotify, will host front-to-back footage of live shows by the likes of Haim, John Newman and Disclosure on its site.

The Disclosure bros, who headlined London’s Alexandra Palace on 8 Mar, are up first, and will gift The Guardian with a clip of the whole show for fans to watch online. A single track from the ‘gig’ will go live via on Monday, while the entire thing will be made available to stream the next day.

The ‘Guardian Live Lock-up’ – which is my hastily made-up name for this thing, since The G hasn’t given it one – will exist for twelve weeks in all, and feature different artistes, like Haim and John Newman, which I realise I’ve said already.

There seems little else to do now except to link to a short black-and-white trailer for the Disclosure bit of the ‘Guardian Live Lock-up’.