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Guy Oseary steps back from Maverick

By | Published on Thursday 28 May 2020


Guy Oseary has announced that he is stepping away from his day-to-day role at the Maverick artist management group that he founded. He will, however, continue to manage Madonna and U2 as part of the company, and consult for Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, the live entertainment giant owning the management firm.

Announcing his reduced role at Maverick, Oseary said that he wants to focus more on his actual artist management work and other business interests, including investing in new tech companies through the venture capaital firm he co-founded with Ashton Kutcher.

“I’m ready for my new chapter and welcome the opportunity to have more time to focus on management of Madonna and U2 while furthering my passion for identifying and incubating revolutionary businesses”, he adds.

Rapino chips in: “Guy built an incredible team at Maverick and his work with U2 and Madonna is unmatched. Live Nation has always been about putting the artist first and no one knows that better than Guy. I look forward to continuing our work together on projects including U2, Madonna and beyond”.

Oseary joined the original Maverick record company, co-founded by Madonna as a Warner Music subsidiary in 1992, while he was still a teenager.

By the late 90s, he owned a large stake in the company and had become its CEO. However, Madonna’s business partnership with Warner fell apart after a legal dispute in 2004, with the label ultimately be wound down.

There was also a Maverick Films company that Oseary continued to run, but then – in 2008 – he left that too, taking the Maverick name with him for his artist management business.

It was in 2013 that he first allied with Live Nation, which had been slowly growing its interest in artist management in the preceding years, having acquired a significant management business as part of its 2010 merger with Ticketmaster.

The following year, in 2014, Live Nation rebranded some – although not all – of its somewhat disparate network of management companies under the Maverick banner, with Oseary given the task of promoting more collaboration between the managers operating within the wider Live Nation group.